State of Mobile Gaming 2022

State of Mobile Gaming 2022

The State of Mobile Gaming 2022 Report helps mobile game publishers succeed with curated insights supported by our data. Mobile games sustained strong momentum from the initial pandemic surge — reaching new heights at $116 billion. The report provides in-depth analyses for 30 markets and uses an interactive format to dive into rich data and insights.

Read the industry's leading mobile gaming report covering everything you need to know about how to succeed in mobile gaming in 2022, including:

  • Which high-growth and emerging markets are poised for mobile gaming disruption: uncover shifts and seize the next big gaming opportunity
  • Decode the secrets to success in the rapidly growing mobile gaming market: how’s Game IQ can give you granular actionable insights
  • How to compete on a global stage with increasing competition- 300,000 games launched in 2021 alone: how the latest market sizing, rankings and time series analyses can help you rise above the competition
  • How to adapt to the latest App Store Optimization and paid advertising benchmarks: in each market and across gaming subgenres and where game developers should focus your attention
  • Where Gen Z, Millennials and Baby Boomers are opening their mobile wallets:how to maximize your revenue potential from consumer shifts in mobile gaming
Ready to uplevel your mobile gaming performance? Read the The State of Mobile Gaming 2022 Report.

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