State of Mobile 2024

In this mobile-centric world, app usage is at an all-time high. While spending in games feels the squeeze from inflation, apps stand resilient. In fact, across the top 10 markets, the weighted average of time spent on mobile surpasses 5 hours in 2023, up 2% from the previous year. And after declining 2% YoY in 2022, global consumer spending bounced back 4%.

To help you maximize your mobile performance this year, we are excited to share our new State of Mobile 2024 report, featuring the latest market trends, industry insights, best practices and top charts spanning 11 industries and 30 markets — in a rich interactive format, allowing you to dive deep into valuable insights.

In this 100+ page report you’ll get a full breakdown of:

  • Which high-growth and emerging sectors are poised for mobile disruption in 2024
  • How AI is revolutionizing the mobile space across industries, from retail to travel to food delivery
  • Which apps and games are dominating the mobile market in each region
  • How global trends of app usage, downloads, time spent and revenue impact your business objectives

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the numbers:

Ready to take your mobile performance to the next level? Download The State of Mobile 2024 report to get the biggest stories and need-to-know trends from mobile this year.

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