State of Mobile 2022: Brazil

State of Mobile 2022: Brazil

Brazil is one of the most-dynamic mobile markets in the world. How can you break into this mobile-first market and grow your mobile business?
Consumers in Brazil spent more time on mobile than any other country. In 2021, this surpassed 5.4 hours per day — up 32% from 2019.
In order to succeed on mobile in Brazil, you’ll need a comprehensive view of the mobile landscape.
Download our latest spotlight on Brazil to equip you with the insights you need to fuel growth:

  • Where downloads, time and consumer spend are growing — and how you can capitalize on this market growth
  • What industries are growing the fastest — gaming, finance, shopping, dating, and more — and what strategic opportunities emerge
  • What keywords are in demand in Brazil and how you can maximize your App Store Optimization strategy to drive organic growth
  • What apps and games are seeing breakout growth — how you can map early indicators of consumer behavior shifts to your product roadmap
  • And more!
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