Going Global: A Guidebook for Chinese App Developers

Going Global: A Guidebook for Chinese App Developers

Over the past 10 years, Chinese developers have nearly doubled their market share in global app downloads – from 8% in 2021 to 14% by H1 2021.

In our latest report with Google, we answer the critical questions facing Chinese app publishers looking to take their apps overseas:

  • Which app categories are set to grow fastestin global markets?
  • Which niches are dominated by major players?
  • Which regions are set to grow fastest in terms of downloads, user time and app store consumer spend?
  • How can apps from Chinese publishers go global?
  • Should developers apply different strategies to different verticals?
  • How should Chinese developers organize their internal teams and external partners?
  • Across 77 pages, the report provides a huge quantity of data points and strategic advice from consumer surveys, case studies and industry experts.

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