Mobile, Console and PC Gaming

Mobile, Console and PC Gaming

Despite the softening in direct consumer gaming spend, mobile is still the largest market opportunity and primary driver of growth for games in 2023. Ongoing updates to privacy regulations and rising competition has made acquisition and growth more challenging. In this fast-changing landscape it's critical to stay ahead of trends, streamline your acquisition, and optimize your monetization strategy.

Our new 2023 Gaming Spotlight Report is powered by’s Game IQ in partnership with IDC, delivering the industry’s most trusted and comprehensive view of the gaming economy from mobile to console to PC and Mac gaming.

Download’s 2023 Gaming Spotlight Report to equip yourself with the comprehensive insights you need to succeed in this space, including:

  • How shifting tastes make way for emerging genres and how Game IQ can help you identify and create a robust strategy to win on mobile.
  • Why meeting the diverse demands of mobile gamers while still implementing budget friendly updates is essential for user retention and stabilization in today's market.
  • Ways to streamline your acquisition and optimize your monetization strategy to battle the rising costs and limited user visibility.
  • How diversifying monetization approaches beyond In-App Purchases can maximize mobile return on investment and requires staying informed about market trends.
  • How consumer sentiment towards advertising monetization is changing and why trustworthy contextual market data is needed to inform successful mobile strategies.
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