Yahoo! partners with to improve ASO strategy and cut down on user acquisition costs by 50%


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Yahoo! is a global media and tech company connecting people to their passions. They reach almost a billion people worldwide, bringing them closer to what they love – from finance and commerce to gaming and news – with trusted products, content and tech that fuel their day. 


When Yahoo! first started using, they were looking to solve multiple problems. They have a very broad range of apps in their portfolio – News, Mail, Finance, Sports, Weather – and every app is different, with a distinct set of competitors. This yields many challenges for the Yahoo! team.

A specific challenge that they faced was always having to stabilize active users for certain product silos and to increase downloads in more competitive markets. 

For example, a challenge Yahoo! saw with their Fantasy app is the seasonality of sports. Once football season is over, they have difficulty keeping users engaged and returning to use the app for other sports. The team views stabilization as a year over year trend, meaning if the behavior is consistent year over year, they consider it stable. However, Nathan mentioned that they wanted to increase activity in the quiet months during the first two quarters of the year.


Sr. ASO Analyst, Nathan Nguyen, shared that has been incredibly helpful with several of their business objectives and KPIs. They want to be able to predict what is going on in the app market for their own strategy formulation. And quite simply, offers the most robust data systems for doing that, Yahoo! states. They utilized the platform to identify gaps in their ASO and overall app marketing strategies. 

Nathan and team were able to look at their competitors' approach to messaging and ads, things like what screenshots they were deploying and features they were focusing on. With this information, they can then formulate marketing strategies to counter what their competitors are doing. 

One of Nathan’s primary objectives at Yahoo! is to measure their daily and monthly downloads, as well as active user numbers in comparison with their competitors. Uncovering market and competitive anomalies and digging deeper into a competitors’ strategy and actions is where proves most useful for the team.


Yahoo! was able to see cost-savings with their user acquisition activity on the Yahoo Fantasy sports app. They took the insights that provided on their competitors, and also on their past performance, and used it to calculate a rough estimate as to when their UA campaign would gain the most traction. Then, they developed custom store pages and used creatives for both generic UA and keyword UA defense that was centered solely on football.

This tactic made their paid User Acquisition effort much more cost-efficient allowing them to cut cost per install (CPI) down by 50 percent.

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