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The backstory

Shopular, the popular shopping app, gives users the best selection of mobile coupons to their favorite stores such as Macy’s, Kate Spade and Target. Founded in May 2012 by CEO Navneet Loiwal, Shopular scours the web to source the best deals, and effortlessly delivers them straight to your phone while you are in-store. Downloaded over 5.5 million times on iOS and Google Play since its debut, Shopular is incredibly well-received by users, earning a near perfect 5-star rating.

Retail shifts to m-commerce

Short of book publishing and music, no other industry has experienced a similar disruption to its core business model like retail. Over the last few years, consumers’ shopping habits have shifted as more and more people purchase clothes, jewellery and grocery items online. Additionally, individuals have begun “showrooming,” testing out merchandise in-store, and deciding later to buy items online in search for the best deal.

During this time, Shopular CEO Loiwal saw a real opportunity to work with brick-and- mortar retailers to deliver their coupons via the start-up’s mobile app. “We are a partner to retailers and shoppers, and we provide a great user experience to every single shopper we touch,” says Loiwal.

Though customers continue to flock to their coupon app, Shopular remains as competitive as ever. “We are in a different days of couponing now. Consumers now discover deals through apps like Pinterest and Instagram, and some apps make it easier to compare prices across stores,” says Loiwal. This shift required Shopular to be as savvy as the customers they cater to, looking to app market data to identify top ranked shopping apps in their category so they could assess the competitive landscape. Loiwal found the rankings and ratings data he needed in Store Stats, and continues to use the product to discover new players in the space by monitoring the top ranked shopping apps in and outside of their category.

“I can look at any app and see how an event like Black Friday impacted its ranking.” — Navneet Loiwal, CEO, Shopular

How Shopular utilizes Store Stats

As “the smart, deal companion in your pocket,” Shopular helps both casual and smart shoppers search their favorite stores for the best deals. Like their users, the company also knows a good deal when they see one. Available to users for free, Store Stats benefits millions of customers as the product helps them know how well a competitor’s app is performing over time by following its ranking history. Store Stats also helps customers gauge whether an app’s user base responds favorably to a competitor’s feature updates by allowing users to browse an app’s reviews. As a result, they can know where an app’s been promoted across the major app stores to see how this affects its ranking position.

Additionally, Shopular uses Store Stats’ free app store optimization (ASO) reports to fuel their user acquisition efforts. This feature helps the company optimize Shopular’s visibility in a crowded category by identifying important keywords to include in the app’s title, description and more. As Loiwal states, “ASO helps us be in the right place when our customers are looking for us.”

Store Stats’ ASO reports also assist app professionals as they determine which keywords are returned for a key competitor, allowing them to improve an app’s ranking performance over time by incorporating the keywords that are displayed for emerging m-commerce shopping apps. With Store Stats, Shopular can stay ahead of the competition by monitoring shifts in consumer preferences, using aggregated ratings, rankings and review data.

How Store Stats empowered Shopular

Since Shopular began using App Annie in 2014, their download volume has doubled. And as their popularity soars, retailers are eager to explore exclusive promotions with the app, as Shopular “adds value for branded promotions so that our partners can get a lot of eyeballs,” says Loiwal. Their success has spurred more competition, making app market data an important part of their app strategy. With Store Stats, Shopular determines which apps they should monitor next by tracking new and established competitors in the Shopping and Catalogs category. “The granularity of the data I get from Store Stats is impressive. The service is amazing,” says Loiwal.

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