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How Finz Games re-strategized and increased retention with For Pakistan’s leading gaming studio, it was all about lowering CPI.

Finz Games is the standout gaming studio for Pakistan, and to lead the pack, the publisher focused on two major strategies: decreasing Cost Per Install (CPI) and increasing retention.

And as a result, the studio is behind many of the top games in the region — the various sports and fighting games have been downloaded 1 billion times on Android and iOS.

But that’s not all. Finz Games leverages the best-in-class insights from for many business decisions leading to improvements in acquisition, monetization, engagement and retention.

Check out exactly how they do it in our latest conversation with Zeeshan Pervez, co-founder and director of Finz Games.

Finz Games knows how to produce a game that people love. What was preventing you from continuing that momentum? 

Up until June 2023, our team made various sports and fighting games that were downloaded 1B times on Android and iOS stores. But to grow even more, our challenge was to identify new game ideas, discover relevant keywords with low competition and high demand to improve the rankings of our current games and create engaging concepts for our own game videos.

In addition, we needed to adopt a new strategy to meet the user where they were. In previous years, our main focus was on App Store Optimization (ASO) to achieve high organic rankings for our games. This approach led to impressive results, including reaching 100M downloads for our gym fighting game, 50M downloads each for our karate fighter and karate king games on Android and securing the second position in the iOS top charts with our paintball shooting game. 

However, due to the recent decline in organic discoverability, our current objective has shifted towards developing games with a low CPI to acquire users more efficiently, in addition to ASO. To accomplish this goal, we have turned to for closely monitoring games that demonstrate a promising trend of delivering a low CPI.

How did help your team tackle these goals?

To address these challenges, we leveraged to stay updated on emerging games in our genre. This allowed us to either develop similar games or integrate mini-game features into our existing titles.

Additionally, we utilized to identify organic download keywords for our fighting and sports games, such as football, basketball and wrestling. This helped us enhance our game downloads by targeting the right keywords.

We employed the tool to stay abreast of creative trends, which enabled us to optimize our advertising campaigns and achieve a lower CPI. And as a result, we decreased our CPI to half in some campaigns and reached 50M downloads in multiple games, as well.

Our creative content has been so successful that other studios have started using our creatives in their games. By leveraging, we successfully tackled our challenges and achieved notable progress in game development, keyword optimization and creative strategies.

Tell us about retaining gaming users and why it’s become imperative for the success of your games.

Retention is everything. In addition to our focus on acquisition, we have also increased our efforts to enhance user engagement and retention within our games. By analyzing user data, we identify areas of improvement, optimize gameplay mechanics and create a more immersive and enjoyable experience for our players.

Retention affects many different business strategies. We recognize the importance of developing effective monetization strategies that strike a balance between user satisfaction and revenue generation. This involves implementing in-app purchases, strategically placing advertisements and adopting other monetization models tailored to our games and target audience. 

Through, we gain insights into successful retention and monetization strategies employed by other games, allowing us to incorporate similar approaches into our own games. 

How else does your team leverage’s insights? Is advertising a main component of revenue?

Every department within our company currently utilizes The product teams rely on the platform to discover new features and trends, while the marketing team uses it to find new games to promote and manage ongoing campaigns. But advertising and ASO keywords are the two most critical areas where provides significant value for us.

Since partnering with, we have gained access to the App Explorer, which allows us to use various filters and criteria to proactively identify new games in their early stages. This enables us to stay ahead of trends and make informed decisions in a timely manner.

In the past, we used keywords and competitor’s estimates of difficulty and opportunity (which were available for free) to finalize our keyword selection. However, now we have shifted to utilizing the ASO keyword feature within to work more effectively on optimizing our keywords for improved app store visibility and organic downloads.

And lastly, the advertising feature of has been instrumental in helping us identify the top-performing creatives used by other studios. By leveraging this feature, we gain valuable insights and inspiration for our own advertising campaigns.

Where do you see making a difference in reaching your goals in the future?

I’d like to breakdown where I see us expanding into six parts: 

    1. Enhanced Market Research - We aim to delve deeper into market research using's App Explore and top charts features. By staying updated on emerging trends, popular game genres and market dynamics, we can identify new opportunities for game development and expansion.

     2. Advanced User Acquisition Strategies - Our focus is to refine our user acquisition strategies by utilizing's advertising tools and insights. We plan to further optimize our ad creatives, target specific user segments and explore new advertising channels to attract high-quality users at an even lower CPI after finding recent success.

    3. Continued ASO Optimization - ASO remains a critical aspect of our app store strategy. We will leverage's ASO keyword feature to conduct in-depth keyword research, optimize our app descriptions and screenshots and monitor our app store rankings to ensure maximum visibility and organic downloads.

    4. Proactive Creative Inspiration - We will continue to use's advertising tools to stay updated on the latest successful creative ideas used by other studios.

    5. Data-Driven Decision Making - Our aim is to make data-driven decisions at every stage of game development and marketing. By analyzing user behavior, engagement metrics and market trends provided by, we can refine our games, optimize user experiences and make informed business decisions for better performance and success.

These goals represent our commitment to using as a valuable resource to drive our game development, as well as our marketing and business strategies. By harnessing the power of data-driven insights, we aim to stay at the forefront of the mobile gaming industry and continue achieving significant milestones in terms of user acquisition, revenue growth and market expansion.

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