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Ada Health is a fast-growing London and Berlin-based startup with a mission to set a new standard for healthcare. Its personal health guide app combines artificial intelligence (AI) with expertise from actual doctors to help people manage their health. The app asks relevant, personalised questions to suggest possible causes for users’ symptoms. Over 2 million people have used the app since its launch. Ada raised $47 million from investors to drive forward its global expansion plans. Ada uses App Annie’s market intelligence to get a better picture of how the app market is evolving across countries.


Ada aims to become the fastest-growing medical app not only in Europe but worldwide. “The primary task of the marketing team is to boost our brand awareness and put Ada in the hands of as many people as possible. We have very ambitious growth plans,” explains Marvin Rottenberg, Ada’s Head of Marketing.

To do this the team needed a comprehensive understanding of how the mobile medical & healthcare market is changing, how competitors are growing and a better understanding of which countries will provide the biggest source of growth potential.


The data from App Annie helps Ada get insights on how each of its markets are evolving by giving a comprehensive overview of how many players are in that country, how they are performing and therefore identify what Ada’s growth opportunity could be there.

“To us App Annie’s platform is a benchmark and comparison tool, that gives us direct feedback on how the app market is doing; how a specific app vertical is performing across IOS or Android and how this will impact our industry or our app itself,” commented Rottenberg.

The platform highlights seasonal patterns, enabling Ada to identify if growth spikes are one off events or if they are part of a specific trend. It can also help the marketing team understand how changes to specific keywords, app store descriptions or screenshots directly influence the success of mobile apps.

“The major benefit to us is that App Annie provides a sophisticated overview of historical data. Not only showing day-to-day data, but also changes over a yearly and a monthly basis, right back to when an app was launched,” says Rottenberg. From this, Ada can see how they are evolving as a new company compared to other companies when they started their business years ago. This can demonstrate how Ada performs compared to other industries and players in these industries.

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