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Mar 31 - Apr 06

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Sssh! Haven't you heard? A spin-off of Thief Simulator, a world-known PC hit is coming to mobile! Be quick, get sneaky and steal priceless treasures. Deep-dive into out of the ordinary stealthy simulation experience from publisher of House Flipper. Become a thief who is back in the game. Perfect your craft, acquire new equipment and skills. Use y more...our cunning to outwit others and move around undetected. Overcome more and more sophisticated security, rob bigger and richer houses, trade the loot...and under no circumstances get caught! ROB EVER RICHER HOUSES A good thief knows his value. He also knows the value of what his neighbors are hiding in their drawers. Make the journey from pickpocket to super villain! Spread fear, climb the career ladder and don't worry if you’re starting off by collecting only broken toasters. You can already see opulent villas on the horizon, for whenever you’re ready. And there, hidden away from prying eyes are the safes where your future lies, your pension or, if you do slip up, your next jail term. Remember: every lock, even the most sophisticated, is just an incentive to become a more skilled thief! TAKE ORDERS Mr Smith hates Mr Johnson very much and wishes him to fall over and smash up that stupid, 60-inch, full 4k, cost-as-much-as–a-middle-class-car TV of his. However, wishes don't have as much power as one would like ...and that’s where you come in. Take on various assignments (no judging, but let’s admit it: your profession does not entitle you to judge). Be an angel of revenge (or just common jealousy): steal items on assignment and destroy designated objects. Take advantage of what drives people: love, hate, greed and lust. Don’t you forget about yourself in all this - after all, one or two extra golden watches won’t hurt. Just get out before the cops arrive. TRADE LOOT Mum told you to share. Nothing for free, of course. Explore the depths of Thief-Net,- sell the loot you've acquired and buy ever more effective equipment with the cash you've earned. Look for the best bargains, take risks (after all, that's where the fun begins!), trade information and get new equipment for your hideout. DEVELOP YOUR THIEVING CRAFT Do you still remember what you wanted to be when you were a kid? Did you dream of becoming a programmer? A jeweller? Or maybe a car mechanic? Have you always wanted to work from home? Now you can make those dreams come true! Gain experience and unlock skills that will give you access to brand new locations and jobs. Perfect yourself in the areas of hacking, dismantling jewelry, opening locks, safes, car theft and much more. GET INFORMATION Knowledge is power. No, we don't mean that game. We do not advertise our competitors with this slogan (wait, did we just do that…?!). Observe householders to learn their habits. Find out when they stay in the flat, when they go out and for how long. When they sleep and when they watch TV. And whether they are in the habit of co-operating with you, for example, leaving the window open because it is so hot after all. Or...just buy information about the house in question online. DEVELOP A PLAN Yes, tricks, laptops and other toys are cool, but remember that the essentials are already within you. Use your wits: a good thief can even break in using a hair from your head (so what if you're bald, it doesn't have to be your hair) - make use of the clues you've picked up, learn the routine of the locals, prepare your equipment, plan your action from A to Z, and pray the police don't turn up. Can anything go wrong? DON'T GET CAUGHT It is said that opportunity makes the thief. No, it's intelligence. And the ability to steal. And... ok, opportunity too. Move undetected (and when you need to, quickly too). Use elements in the environment to hide. Take out the locals, the police, burglar alarms and tracking dogs and enjoy your loot and well-deserved fame. After all, a thief like you isn't born every day, right?S

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Mar 31 - Apr 06
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  • thief simulator
    Volume:: 28
    53.3% 23.6%
  • thief
    Volume:: 28.96
    37.1% 35.9%
  • theif
    Volume:: 23
    9.3% 9.14%
  • steal
    Volume:: 15.96
    0.3% 0.26%
  • thieves
    Volume:: 8.17
    0% 0.02%

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