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May 12 - May 18

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Utility & Productivity

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App Description

Take your notes beyond paper! Download for free and enjoy the powerful, yet wonderfully simple note-taking experience. You will quickly see why we’re Apple Editor’s Choice! Notability is as versatile as you. Jot down thoughts, import & annotate textbooks, sync your notes with audio, or sketch your next masterpiece. Whether you’re a student, more...professional, or hobbyist—you’ll find all the tools you need. MORE THAN PAPER AND PEN • Write on a variety of paper templates with customizable spacing and backgrounds. • Take notes with multi-media tools like pencil, highlighter, text, and audio. • Mark up textbooks, documents, lecture slides, assignments, or images. • Clean up calculations with Math Conversion technology. • Search anything in your notes, including handwriting and imported documents. HANDWRITE AND SKETCH NATURALLY • Write with the most lifelike, vector-based digital pencil on the market. • Ink is fine-tuned for the most responsive, precise writing experience (compatible with Apple Pencil & Logitech Crayon). STAY ORGANIZED, PAPER-FREE • All your notes in one place! Always keep notes with you, without the weight, hassle, or paper waste. • Organize notes with customizable subjects and dividers. NEVER MISS A THING WITH AUDIO PLAYBACK • Get more out of your lectures and meetings with audio recording, synced to your notes. • Tap anywhere (in playback mode) to see your note come to life in real-time. • Search or copy time-stamped text from Audio Transcripts. EASILY SHARE IDEAS IN PRESENTATION MODE • Present ideas full-screen without distracting toolbars. • Engage an audience with all of Notability's tools including a Laser Pointer. MULTI-TASK WITH MULTI-NOTE • Work with two notes side-by-side. • Drag & Drop handwriting, typed text, and images between notes. IMPORT, ANNOTATE, AND SHARE • Import and mark-up PDFs, DOCs, PPTs, images, GIFs, and more. • Easily create searchable PDFs using built-in Document Scan. • Full-featured, left-aligned typing with word count and formatting options. FIND AND SHARE INSPIRATION • Publish your notes for the world to see in the Notability Gallery. • Browse notes from the community, search topics, save favorites, and download templates! --- Download Notability for free on iPad, Mac, and iPhone and enjoy Notability with limited editing and features. Unlock the premium, unlimited note-taking experience with an annual Notability subscription. Subscribers get: • Unlimited edits, Audio Transcripts, Auto-Backup support, and iCloud sync. • MyScript Handwriting Recognition and Math Conversion technology. --- Subscription auto-renews unless canceled, and will be charged via Apple iTunes account on an annual basis. Prices vary by location. You can manage your subscription in account settings after purchase. Family Sharing is not supported. For technical assistance reach our team at Visit or connect with us @notabilityapp on social. Privacy policy: Terms of Service: Notability is a registered trademark of Ginger Labs, Inc.

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Notability: Notes, PDF's Usage by Region

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May 12 - May 18
Top Countries
  • United States

    Active Users
    2.63M 8.34%
  • Korea, Republic of

    Active Users
    611.92k -6.27%
  • China

    Active Users
    332.34k 0.87%
  • Italy

    Active Users
    327.44k -4.10%
Top Countries
  • Germany

    Avg Session Duration
    4m 27s -0.52%
  • Korea, Republic of

    Avg Session Duration
    4m 14s -0.65%
  • Mexico

    Avg Session Duration
    3m 46s 1.49%
  • United States

    Avg Session Duration
    3m 24s 0.16%
  • Japan

    Avg Session Duration
    2m 50s 0.10%

Top Ranked Keywords

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  • notability
    Volume:: 56.93
    54.2% -3.61%
  • goodnotes
    Volume:: 60.88
    10.1% 6.96%
  • note taking apps
    Volume:: 43
    7.6% -0.44%
  • noteability
    Volume:: 38
    4.8% -0.28%
  • note
    Volume:: 48.54
    4% -0.27%

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Top trending review topics

Apr 14 - May 11
  • Unhappy Users
    Unhappy Users 47% (89 reviews)
  • Performance and Bugs
    Performance and Bugs 40% (76 reviews)
  • Happy Users
    Happy Users 38% (72 reviews)
  • Service
    Service 31% (59 reviews)
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