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Apr 07 - Apr 13

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Apps used to download contents from online platforms including social media and video sharing websites.

Utility & Productivity

Apps that help optimize or maintain the device, or enable the user to solve a specific problem.

App Description

All video downloader helps you download all formats videos and social media clips at lightning speed. Fast download HD videos with just one click from all social webs.

Easy to Use Fast Video Downloader
Use the built-in browser to browse webs and play the video, this smart downloader auto detects more...the video, and complete the download at a super fast speed. You can also paste the video link into this app to start the download.

HD Video Downloader
With HD video downloader for all social media, you can fast download all HD videos directly to your device.

Powerful Download Manager
Powerful download manager can download multiple files at a time; download large files; download in the background; resume failed downloads. And it allows you to freely pause, delete and share your downloads.

Main Features
* Ultrafast download speed
* Auto detect videos and fast download with one click
* Support all formats, MP3, M4A, MP4, M4V, MOV, AVI, WMV, DOC, XLS, PDF, TXT, etc
* Download videos and social media clips in HD quality from all social webs
* Play videos offline with the built-in player
* Browse without leaving any trace with the built-in browser 
* Pause, resume, delete, and share downloads
* Download videos with no limitation
* Check progress in the download bar 
* Support to download files to your SD card
* Bookmark your favorite websites

All video downloader
All video downloader supports to download all videos. All video downloader is you must-have downloading app.

HD video downloader
Want an HD video downloader to download HD videos? This HD video downloader helps download videos in HD quality.

Download manager
Powerful download manager allows you to pause, resume and remove downloads. Manage your downloads with the smart download manager.

File manager
Looking for a file manager to download and manage files? This robust files manager meets all your needs.

Video downloader browser
Video downloader browser ensures your fast browsing and downloading. Video downloader browser is worth a try!

Download videos from internet
Wanna download videos from internet? Use free video downloader to download videos from internet.

Private browser
Want to browse privately? You need a private browser. This private browser allows you to browse without leaving any traces.

Image downloader
Fast downloader is not only an image downloader, but also a photo downloader. Photo downloader helps download photos from different apps. Try this fast photo downloader.

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Downloader - Video Downloader's Usage by Region

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Apr 07 - Apr 13
Top Countries
  • India

    Active Users
    726.01k 21.68%
  • Bangladesh

    Active Users
    204.03k 1.27%
  • Brazil

    Active Users
    153.27k 11.54%
  • Egypt

    Active Users
    148.27k 9.28%
Top Countries
  • Brazil

    Avg Session Duration
    5m 31s -100.67%
  • Japan

    Avg Session Duration
    4m 25s 0.17%
  • Australia

    Avg Session Duration
    3m 52s -0.53%
  • India

    Avg Session Duration
    3m 47s 23.80%
  • United States

    Avg Session Duration
    3m 29s 17.41%

Top Ranked Keywords

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  • برنامج تنزيل فيديوهات
    Volume:: 38.35
    33% 6.39%
  • aplicacion para descargar videos
    Volume:: 30.27
    18% 0.96%
  • downloader
    Volume:: 54.56
    14.6% -8.7%
  • descargador de videos
    Volume:: 36.33
    13.4% 0.72%
  • download video
    Volume:: 35.78
    7.8% 0.34%

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Top trending review topics

Mar 10 - Apr 06
  • None of the above
    None of the above 84% (1054 reviews)
  • Happy Users
    Happy Users 83% (1041 reviews)
  • Service
    Service 9% (111 reviews)
  • Neutral
    Neutral 8% (96 reviews)
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