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Apr 07 - Apr 13

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Photo & Video

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Video Editing

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App Description

Boost your social media marketing with Boosted by Lightricks, a video maker for your brand or business that makes it quick and simple to create stunning videos with ready-made templates!

❥ Transform your brand’s social media content into a work of art with the most creative and powerful video creation app out there. Advertise your busine and build your brand with engaging videos that stand out. Our advertisement maker app with its' easy-to-use templates enables you to make an amazing video that will level up your brand’s marketing in only a few taps!

❥ With Boosted video maker, you have a professional content creation tool at your fingertips. Whether you need to create an intro or outro for YouTube, a promo video to advertise your brand or a social media ad – we’ve got you covered. Our unique and dynamic templates will increase your traffic, improve your branding, and explode your marketing conversions.

In just a few steps, you can create a dynamic and creative video with amazing colors and effects that will make your brand stand out on social media.


Whether you run a small business, a one-person operation, or a corporation, you need strong branding and a robust marketing presence. Boosted will help you advertise your business, keep your brand visible and your customers engaged.

With Boosted video maker, your business can create promotional, marketing, or artistic videos to improve your branding and attract new customers.The Boosted video maker will help you meet all of your business goals and boost your brand’s online presence – even if you have no prior content creation experience!


1. Choose a video template – there are tons of templates to choose from within the Boosted editor gallery. Select a seasonal template or pick one that matches the niche of your business. Before you begin customizing your template, select your desired video format. You can create social media posts, video ads, intro and outro videos for YouTube and more!
2. Customize! Use our creative video maker to customize your video with incredible music, colors, and more.
3. Try out different fonts and add your own media to your project for an extra layer of creativity and customized branding.

Export and share your creative, high-resolution videos directly to Instagram, Facebook, and other social media feeds.


☑️ Boosted video maker & editor enables businesses to easily create videos for social media. Boosted videos are high-converting, engaging and easily optimized for all social media platforms.

☑️ Improve your company’s marketing strategy and brand visibility, boost your business’ audience retention, and stand out on social media – all while making fun creations that your audience will love!

☑️ Easily advertise your company online and increase engagement across all social media platforms! The content options are endless – you can create promotional videos, how-tos, explainers, tutorials, intros, artistic videos, and more.

☑️ Boosted gives you all the editing tools and templates you need to elevate your brand’s marketing to the next level – no prior editing experience is necessary.

Boosted is the number one business video maker to help you advertise your brand seamlessly. When you use Boosted for your business, you have the opportunity to create incredible, engaging videos for your brand in only a few taps.

Use Boosted video maker to advertise your company’s products, take your brand’s marketing to the next level, and unleash your creativity with easy-to-customize social media templates!

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Apr 07 - Apr 13
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  • ad
    Volume:: 35.32
    37.8% -5%
  • ads manager
    Volume:: 41.12
    12.4% 0.46%
  • advertisement maker
    Volume:: 23.21
    12.2% 5.42%
  • intro maker
    Volume:: 48.44
    12.1% 0.53%
  • ad maker
    Volume:: 21.19
    8.6% 4.01%

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Mar 10 - Apr 06
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    Unhappy Users 20% (2 reviews)
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