Lesson 9

Strategize: Conclusion

Strategy is the art of planning for what’s ahead, and in the crowded app marketplace, you will need a thoughtful strategy in order to build an app that answers a market need and attracts loyal users. You can’t simply emulate popular apps and features — you must ensure your app makes sense for your business and your audience.

One of the main activities at this stage is research. You need to know your competition inside and out. Find out what makes the most popular apps in the market work, and how they got to the top of the charts. Figure out what’s missing in the market and how you can do it better. Zero in on a problem that your app can solve for a very well-defined user. Discover everything you can about your ideal user — what makes them tick, what apps they use, what they wish their apps could do more of.

Developing a winning app strategy takes more than research, of course. As with any project, having the right team in place is critical. Product managers, engineers, designers and quality assurance specialists will need to work together to create an app that users rely on and take delight in..

Selling the idea of your app will depend on a core value proposition and brand strategy that resonates with the right group of users. In other words, you’ll need to flex some marketing muscle in coming up with your app strategy. Whether you have a large marketing department or you’re a team of one, marketing is essential.

Now you’ve done all of the research, planning and designing you can handle … all in the hope of building a minimum viable product (MVP). Congratulations — that’s the end of the strategy phase. You have an app that’s out in the world, you’re reacting to beta user feedback and preparing for what’s ahead. Nice work.

In the next lesson we focus on acquiring high-quality users for your app.

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In the next section, learn app store optimization and user acquisition best practices to get the users you want downloading your app.

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