Trust & assurance has established a new standard for trust and transparency for the alternative data market which serves as an industry example. We fully embrace the responsibility to maintain the trust of our customers. With significant investments in our people, processes and technologies, we have set the bar for the industry.

Our Commitment

Industry leaders are increasingly leveraging market data in their strategic decision-making to win on digital. We believe in sending a strong message to the industry on misrepresenting the usage of confidential public company data in building market data estimates. Examples of this confidential data include: revenue, downloads, engagement data or other digital metrics.

We believe that no public company would willingly consent to share their confidential public company data to a third party for generating estimates for use cases such as trading, statistical modeling, benchmarking performance, M&A, and partnerships. In addition, explicit contractual consent would be required for each use case

We do things differently. We have built our products and services with processes and controls designed to eliminate confidential public company data from our algorithms. We believe this is the minimum standard for the entire industry.

We are leading the alternative data space with transparency, and challenge the industry to do the same.