As Gen Z Is Set to Rewrite the Future of Mobile, App Annie Releases Report to Help Companies Win With This Next Generation

October 29, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 29, 2019 — App Annie, the leader in mobile market data and analytics, today released a groundbreaking report on Generation Z, How to Win Gen Z, a demographic that's now the largest population on Earth and the mobile-first generation.

This report is essential for businesses to gain insight into this emerging economic engine to fuel revenue and relevance for the long term.

"Gen Z is the first generation to grow up on mobile," said Ted Krantz, CEO of App Annie. "They already influence $600Bin spend in the US alone—companies need to aim for them now or risk missing the target tomorrow. As the mobile landscape becomes more complex, App Annie is committed to helping customers get the critical insights and outcomes they need to fuel long term success."

Forward-thinking brands understand that Gen Z's purchasing power is set to take off as they now begin to enter the workforce. Gen Z is still forming brand preferences and represents a blue ocean opportunity for marketers hoping to effectively engage this group. But first, companies need to understand how this demographic uses smartphones and apps.

Some noteworthy statistics about Gen Z that show the unique behaviors facing publishers and brands:

  • Gen Z engagement is deeper; they have 55% more sessions per user in top non-gaming apps, with 150 sessions per month per app
  • Gen Z spends 3.7 hours per user per month per top non-gaming apps
  • Gen Z behavior and favorites vary by market—for example, Gen Z users in Japan spend 2x more time in games than the global average

The report provides an unprecedented level of insights into Gen Z. In it you will learn what this generation's favorite apps are, how their behavior varies across countries and categories, and how brands can best attract this increasingly important demographic.

Ready to jumpstart your Gen Z strategy? Download the How to Win Gen Z report.


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