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Maximize Mobile Performance with Applied ai

Develop, grow and optimize your digital business, fueling your next move with unique mobile market data insights.

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    Powered by the Mobile Performance Score

    Our exclusive scoring system offers a comprehensive measurement of app functionality. Discover how your app is performing across vital KPIs and how it stacks up against competitors through a unique Mobile Performance Score (MPS).

    Mobile Performance ScoreMobile Performance ScoreMobile Performance Score

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    Why data.ai

    We fundamentally change the way companies make decisions by delivering data science at your fingertips.

    Develop, grow, and optimize your digital businessDevelop, grow, and optimize your digital business
    Discover unique insights that drive competitive advantageDiscover unique insights that drive competitive advantage
    Empower your teams to take action with trusted intelligenceEmpower your teams to take action with trusted intelligence
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    Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)


    Mobile Performance Score

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    Belka Gaming

    Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)

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    Belka Gaming

    Cost Per Install (CPI)


    Mobile Performance Score

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    Leads Per Month


    Conversion Rate

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    Market Research

    Get a better understanding of your market, industry & competitors

    Understand your mobile market data landscape better with the help of robust metrics, industry-leading reports and simple solutions.

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    Drive new users and customers

    Acquiring customers costs more than keeping them. Shore up acquisiton funnels by tapping into competitive tactics so they never have a reason to leave.

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    Engage & Retain

    Keep customers engaged and coming back

    You can't know what customers want with a fragmented view of sentiment. Learn more with ratings & reviews breakdowns, usage metrics and management tools.

    Learn About App IQ

    Get your users to spend money

    Wasting money trying to drive revenue? Know where customers are spending the most with visibility into in-app purchases, advertising revenue & more.

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    Manage your app performance better

    Need a holistic view of your app or app portfolio's performance? Through a unified dashboard, monitor crucial data points like downloads to revenue for better tracking and benchmarking.

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    Who data.ai is for

    Simplify your view of the mobile economy with the right tools and estimates for any industry



    • Explore what competitors have done to acquire new users
    • Engage and create return customers by diving into audience preference metrics
    • Developer monetization strategies that increase cart sizes
    Retail Solutions


    • Win new users from competitors with cross-app affinity
    • Find ways to connect with users to drive long term stickiness
    • Find a balance between revenue generation and user value
    Gaming Solutions
    Media & Entertainment

    Media & Entertainment

    • Optimize your keywords and download channels to attract new users to your app
    • Look into ad platform effectiveness and cross app usage with similar apps
    • Understand which regions, audiences, and channels have the most profit potential
    Media & Entertainment Solutions


    • Understand the mobile app landscape across industries and genres
    • See how your portfolio is performing geographically and demographically
    • Supercharge mobile market estimates to validate your business strategy
    Solutions for Investors


    • Leverage mobile metrics as part of lead scoring models and qualification process
    • Inform your strategy with extensive insights into a prospect's mobile footprint
    • Utilize trends, estimates, and insights to understand a business' future potential
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