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Understand how today’s hottest games acquire, retain and monetize users to learn how publishers big and small can succeed in a crowded app store.

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Game IQ: The New Standard in Game Classification

This in-depth report showcases how you can use Game IQ to optimize business decisions for the rapidly growing mobile game market.

Mobile Gaming

App Annie GAME IQ Just Got Smarter

New feature enhancements to App Annie Game IQ bring a whole new level of granularity for market sizing and growth strategies.

Mobile Gaming

High Heels Has Surpassed 100 Million in Downloads in Less than 1 Year

This hip fashion-themed Action Hyper Casual game celebrated its success by partnering with a major fashion Label

Mobile Gaming

Candy Crush Jelly Saga Has Surpassed $500 Million in Consumer Spend Since its 2015 Launch

The third installment of the popular Candy Crush series game saw gains in sessions duration from introducing real time versus mode into the franchise

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My Talking Angela 2 Debuts at #1 by Downloads in Q3 2021 as Demand for Mobile Gaming Remains High and Quarterly Spend Approaches $23 billion

Q3 2021 Sees 35% Growth in Weekly Consumer Spend in Mobile Games Worldwide from Pre-Pandemic Levels

Mobile Gaming

Asphalt 9: Legends Has Surpassed $100 Million in Consumer Spend Since its 2018 Launch

Gameloft’s arcade racing game shows the power of moving from ‘traditional’ gaming formats to mobile

Mobile Gaming

Do You Have an Idea for the Next HyperCasual Blockbuster Mobile Game? Win $300k to Make it Happen

App Annie and CrazyLabs have teamed up for a mobile gaming challenge inviting developers to test their hypercasual game ideas to win $300K!

Mobile Gaming

2021 Mobile Gaming Tear Down: App Annie’s DeepDive on Gaming SubGenres, Monetization and User Acquisition Trends

Read our latest mobile gaming report highlighting which subgenres are driving growth and the trends in demographics, monetization and marketing that publishers need to know.

Mobile Gaming

Game IQ Taxonomy Matches the Pace of Change of Your Gaming Strategies

Updates to our gaming-specific taxonomy make it easier to analyze genres and features, and stay on top of emerging trends.