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High Heels Has Surpassed 100 Million in Downloads in Less than 1 Year

Donny Kristianto

This hip fashion-themed Action Hyper Casual game celebrated its success by partnering with a major fashion Label

An Action Hypercasual game, according to App Annie’s Game IQ, published by Zynga, High Heels  has surpassed the major milestone of seeing over 100 million downloads across the world in just 11 months. The game first launched in December 2020, and the top markets by downloads include India, United States, Brazil, Russia and Mexico.

In the game, players maneuver increasingly challenging catwalk-like stages in high heels, which stack higher as they complete levels. As players progress through a series of worldwide fashion shows in global cities including London, Beijing, Paris and New York, access to new customization elements are unlocked as they advance, such as new clothing, fashion, hairstyles and shoes. This focus on deep customization is what drew fashion label Kenneth Cole to partner with Zynga to debut their PRIDE 2021 collection as in-game outfits. This collaboration marks the first time that Kenneth Cole’s iconic street-smart style will be featured in a mobile game.

It’s clear that High Heel’s fresh take on the genre are resonating among Hyper casual gamers and gamers in general alike, as the game was the #3 most downloaded Hyper Casual games worldwide during H1 2021, and #6 among all Games for that matter. In H1 2021, High Heels was the #1 Hyper casual Games downloads in the US, Canada, UK and Australia, and the #1 Games by Downloads in Ireland.

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