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Do You Have an Idea for the Next HyperCasual Blockbuster Mobile Game? Win $300k to Make it Happen

App Annie and CrazyLabs have teamed up for a mobile gaming challenge inviting developers to test their hypercasual game ideas to win $300K!

Are you a hyper-casual mobile game developer?

Do you want to win a minimum guarantee of $300,000 for your next game?

Well then, stop what you are doing and enter a major new competition hosted by App Annie & CrazyLabs.

It's easy to do. Simply submit your hypercasual game to the CLIK Dashboard. This is CrazyLabs' self-serve platform for game testing and usage monitoring.

CrazyLabs will offer generous rewards including a minimum guarantee of $300,000 for the first game published, and a minimum guarantee of $200,000 for every other game published.

But there's more. Every game that passes the click per install (CPI) test can get cash prizes. The parameters are as follows:

  • $20,000 for CPI – less than or equal to $0.15
  • $10,000 for CPI - less than or equal to $0.25
  • $3,000 for CPI - less than or equal to $0.30

And remember, developers can win the minimum guarantee and CPI prizes again and again with various games. In other words, you can enter as many times as you like.

Competition winners also get to enjoy a range of free App Annie services. The first 40 studios to pass CrazyLabs’ CPI test win 60 days free usage of the App Annie Standard Intelligence platform and advanced gaming taxonomy, Game IQ.

These services give you the tools to make informed decisions about which types of products to develop and how best to market them to players.

App Annie Standard Intelligence helps users navigate the entire app lifecycle with mobile market data and accelerated insights.

Meanwhile Game IQ gives games developers granular insight into important dimensions such as class, genre, sub-genre and tags.

Another major incentive to enter the App Annie/CrazyLabs challenge is that you don't have to "win" to win. All entrants that test a game inside the CLIK Dashboard get the following:

  • A 60-day free trial of App Annie Standard Intelligence Lite (subject to the eligibility requirements specified on the App Annie registration page).
  • A H1 2021 hyper-casual e-book (including in-depth data about trends, demographic, mechanics and more).
  • Access to a webinar by App Annie & CrazyLabs with the latest in-depth insights and analysis on the state of hypercasual games.

"Hyper-casual games downloads grew 15% year over year in H1 2021 and are continuing to be incredibly popular - dominating the top games charts. As consumers continue to discover mobile games via this rapidly growing and evolving genre, it can be difficult for game designers and publishers to analyze and determine what features, mechanics and monetization strategies are gaining market traction. Our Game IQ tool greatly simplifies this analysis because we enable our customers to easily compare genres and subgenres. Now, it’s easy to see what makes hit games unique, and respond accordingly! We're delighted to offer these valuable tools to the winners of this amazing competition with CrazyLabs."

— Junde Yu, GM of Gaming at App Annie

2021 M08 26

Mobile Gaming

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