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2021 Mobile Gaming Tear Down: App Annie’s DeepDive on Gaming SubGenres, Monetization and User Acquisition Trends

Donny Kristianto

Read our latest mobile gaming report highlighting which subgenres are driving growth and the trends in demographics, monetization and marketing that publishers need to know.

Looking back to 2014, when mobile gaming was starting to ignite, total revenues hit $27.4 billion. For the first time ever, mobile made more money than its rival formats – PC, home console and handheld consoles.

Since then, the mobile gaming market has skyrocketed. Mobile gaming will see $120 billion in consumer spend by the end of 2021. That's 3.1x more than consoles ($38.7 billion). COVID-19 fueled a huge spike in demand for mobile gaming – and there is no sign of this demand slowing down. Weekly downloads first surpassed one billion in March 2020 and have retained. In the 2021 Mobile Gaming Tear Down, the industry’s leading deep dive into mobile gaming,  we highlight how publishers can be successful in the rapidly growing market.

The insights in this report are from App Annie’s Game IQ tool, which provides the most granular level of game classification to offer deeper analytics of mobile games. The latest edition of Game IQ features updated taxonomy to align with the evolving gaming industry and in-depth deep tags across monetization, social, gameplay and engagement features to compare success of specific game mechanics across subgenres, ​​allowing publishers to create a winning, data-based mobile game strategy and capture their share of the massive and growing mobile game market opportunity.

Featuring mobile gaming market trends, industry insights, best practices, case studies on the top performing games and top charts spanning 20 markets — in a fresh new interactive format, allowing readers to dive even deeper into the data — App Annie’s 2021 Mobile Gaming Teardown Report is just what you need to unlock your mobile gaming potential today.


Read the full 2021 Mobile Gaming Tear Down to uncover:

  • Which high-growth and emerging gaming subgenres are poised for disruption in the gaming market: how to monitor shifts in the gaming industry and seize the next big opportunity
  • What mobile games are dominating the attention of Gen Z, Millennials and Gen X/ Baby Boomers and how audience insights can give you a competitive edge
  • How to unlock the path to success in the rapidly growing mobile gaming market: how App Annie’s Game IQ can give you direct, actionable insights to monetize more effectively, understand industry best practices and grow your global audience
  • What is in store for mobile gaming in the months to come: what should industry professionals expect for mobile gaming according to App Annie’s own mobile gaming experts
  • Which games and publishers top the charts spanning 20 markets across the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific: how consumer demand is reflected in H1 2021’s top games
  • How monetization and marketing tactics differ by market and mobile game genre: how deep feature tagging, advanced taxonomy and user acquisition trends fuel a stand-out gaming strategy
  • What are the key drivers of success for top-performing mobile games today: how in-depth case studies on major titles like Genshin Impact, ROBLOX, Coin Master and Free Fire can uncover industry best practices for success

This report features in-depth analyses from 20 markets — in a fresh, new interactive format allowing for deeper dives into the rich data and insights.

Ready to uplevel your mobile gaming performance? Read App Annie’s 2021 Mobile Gaming Tear Down.

2021 M08 26

Mobile Gaming

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