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How is coronavirus impacting the mobile economy?

Lexi Sydow

Watch our panel of mobile experts in a presentation on how coronavirus has dramatically altered the mobile economy.

The first 4 months of 2020 have altered life dramatically for virtually every country and nearly every individual. COVID-19 (also referred to as the coronavirus) has gripped the world — dominating news cycles, altering financial markets and dramatically impacting industries from travel to healthcare to dining. And mobile is no exception. 

Mobile is a reflection of our lives — what is important to us in that moment. We will take you through a webinar on how coronavirus has dramatically impacted the mobile economy, with more consumers than ever before turning to mobile to stay informed, connected and entertained. 

Webinar on how coronavirus is impacting the mobile economy

In this webinar we will cover: 

  • How social distancing, work from home and government lockdown policies have increased consumers’ demand for mobile
  • How consumers are seeking entertainment on mobile across Gaming, Social Media and Video Streaming
  • What apps are driving growth in collaboration for businesses
  • Which food and grocery delivery apps consumers are turning to 
  • How consumers are weathering economic instability through finance apps
  • How medical and health and fitness apps are helping consumers relieve pressure on healthcare systems
  • And more! 

Watch the webinar OnDemand Now: 

In EMEA? Watch the EMEA webinar here

2020 M03 27

Market Data

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