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Maybe part of your job involves working with data. Maybe you have a trove of data at work, but haven't had time to dig into it. Maybe you're the kind of person who reads a sensational headline and wants to know what the numbers say. Maybe you're taking a statistics class – or maybe you're teaching one.

In all these cases, Wizard has something to offer: an easy-to-use, Mac-native program for importing, pivoting, visualizing, and analyzing data. Wizard is different from other programs because there's no syntax to learn – the app instantly creates compelling graphics and performs relevant statistical tests as you click, filter, select, and explore a data set. Most customers are clicking and smiling in under an hour.

How is this variable affected by that one? Is this correlation statistically significant? Can I predict an outcome from several inputs? Wizard is designed to answer these kinds of questions in an intuitive, visual interface, with all the statistical details for those who want to know more. P-values and standard errors come to life in textbook-style illustrations that help you and others understand exactly what they mean.

Many customers find that Wizard hits a sweet spot between Excel and higher-end statistics packages. Wizard has advanced modeling capabilities lacking in Excel – including survival analysis, logistic regression, and choice modeling – and works with millions of rows of data. Unlike legacy statistics packages and open-source offerings, Wizard is designed as a comfortable Mac-first experience, with Undo/Redo, autosaved documents, native graphics, and full-screen windows. For students and occasional analysts, Wizard works as an all-in-one statistics package; for professionals, it's often a place for a quick first pass before resorting to more cumbersome programs.

Wizard is organized around tabular data. So if you have a CSV – or a file in a dozen other formats, including Access, Excel, FileMaker Pro, JSON, and Numbers – Wizard can read it in and get to work immediately. The Pro version has several additional file importers and SQL database connectors (see below for details).

Don't have data on hand? New in Wizard 2 is the ability to import data directly from Safari. If you see a table of data on (say) Wikipedia that looks interesting, click the Share button in the Safari toolbar, click Wizard 2, and presto – instant histograms and proportion bars representing the data in each column. Another click opens that data as a new document, ready for further analysis and exploration.

The Safari importer is not the only new feature in Wizard 2. Customers upgrading from the original version can expect to enjoy:

• Dark Mode, including a vibrant new color palette

• An updated Raw Data module, supporting keyboard navigation, Copy/Paste, and Find and Replace

• An all-new Correlate module, giving you a high-level visual overview of an entire data set at once

• A redesigned Predict module, showing several response curves simultaneously

• Larger, more visually pleasing graphics throughout the program

• An all-new FileMaker Pro importer

• An all-new Microsoft SQL Server connector

• Full optimization for the Apple M1 chip

Note that Wizard 2 is subscription software. Two subscription levels are available:

• Standard - Imports spreadsheets, text files, database files, web pages, and JSON files. Supports all model types and statistical tests.

• Pro - Includes all Standard features, and additionally imports R, SAS, SPSS, and Stata files. Connects to MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server databases. Generates commands for R, SAS, SPSS, and Stata.

Special introductory pricing is available to existing Wizard users – simply follow the instructions after launching Wizard 2 for the first time.

Still undecided? Download the app to unlock a 21-day Free Trial.

Terms of Use: https://www.wizardmac.com/termsofuse.html


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